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May 19, 2019 3 min read 0 Comments

Providing proper hygiene is one of the basic needs and care that we must give to our pet dogs. When we address their need for hygiene, we help in preventing complications and health problems that may be acquired through bad hygiene.

Here are some tips to keep your dogs clean and healthy:

  1. EYES. Eye infections are big problems that we should prevent as much as possible. Dog eyes must always be kept clean, by using a clean cloth to wipe away dirt. In wiping it, start from the center towards the sides. If you spot a yellowish discharge in the eyes area, consult your veterinarian immediately because thismaybe a sign of eye infection.
  2. EARS. It is suggested to clean the dog ears at least once a week. Use a cloth dampened with water or oil to get rid to the dirt inside the ears. Do this slowly and very gently, and remember not to clean too deeply. It is also important to check for redness, inflammation, ticks, and unusual odors, for these may be symptoms of possible complications.
  3. TEETH. As early as possible, while your dogs are still little pups, already introduce teeth brushing as part of their care routine. Regularly brush your dog’s teeth and gums, to avoid common dental problems such as periodontal disease, which is formed in the gums caused by a buildup of tartar on the teeth. Just like humans, dog’s teeth must also be brushed every single day.
  4. DOG BATH. Start off early in bathing your dog regularly. Regular, however, does not mean every day. A lot of dog owners over bathe their pets. According to Veterinarians, it is recommended to give dogs a bath only once every three months.  An average dog is great with one bath only every couple of months. Dogs that are more active and have long fur, obviously, should bathe more frequently. Over bathing can cause skin irritation and dryness, because the skin might flake and the coat become duller.
  5. HAIR. Regularly brushing your dog’s hair does not only make him look nice, but also help you in discover anything unusual such as ticks, fleas, or any foreign object. Use a soft brush and make sure to brush in the same direction that the fur naturally goes. When brushing, also look closely at the skin, for any cuts or sore spots that must be attended to.
  6. TOE NAILS. Having long nails can be painful for you when dogs accidentally scratch you, and can also make it difficult and painful for your dog to walk. Clip off the tip of your dog’s toenails about every two (2) weeks when dogs are still little pups, and then check and trim, if already too long, nails of adult dogs every month.
  7. DOG BED & TOYS. Just as you should keep your dog clean all the time, so should you thoroughly wash their bed, toys, and other things that they regularly use. This is especially important for preventing fleas from getting into your dog’s things and then jumping and attaching to your dog. A dog’s bed is particularly a have for ticks, fleas, allergens, and germs. There is less use that you bathe your dog, when his bed is dirty, then so will he be. Toys are also important to be kept clean because dogs often like putting them in their mouth. Wash toys at least once a month for your dog’s clean and safe playing.


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