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May 19, 2019 3 min read 0 Comments

Responsible dog owners want what is best for their best friend. As much as possible, they want to keep their dogs happy and fulfilled with life. Here are a few simple ways to keep a dog happy:

  • Good Health
  • A healthy dog is a happy dog. It is important to put the health and safety of your dog as the topmost priority. The most vital and most basic need is access to fresh and clean water. Keep fresh and clean water always available for your dog, and change this water everyday (because stagnant and dirty water can lead to complications, infections and diseases). Treat your dog for fleas and give it a dog bath using a gentle shampoo. Also, make sure that the accessories and training tools you use for the dog, are not harmful. The safety of the dog is vital, it is extremely important that accessories and training tools, such as bark collars, being used are well-researched and safe.

  • Socialization
  • Dogs are social creatures, too. They also thrive on companionship with others. Isolating a dog is not recommended. Keeping a dog at home or in a cage alone, without enough exposure to other dogs and people, may create an antisocial and aggressive misfit that when finally exposed to the “outside world,” might explode in fearful anger. A happy dog gets to interact and socialize with different people and dogs. Thus, try to get your dog out on a regular basis. Take your dog for a walk in the park and give him opportunities to mingle with other dogs and people.

    Dogs also need interaction to be happy and feel fulfilled. However, do not force it to socialize, and instead, just give the dog a significant and enough contact with other dogs and people. Not all dogs are inherently as sociable as other breeds of dogs, thus, it is crucial take note of an individual dog’s temperament.

  • Nurturing relationship
  • More than socialization, dogs want and need a nurturing relationship with its dog owner, too. It is crucial for their well-being to know that they are important and feel that they have a purpose.

    In maintaining a nurturing relationship with a dog, praise is very important. Pet and verbally give praise, for that would mean so much to the dog. The dog does not have to be just in training for it to receive love and affection from it dog owner (but keep in mind to still not tolerate undesirable behavior!). Exercise and play with the dog. Spend time talking to the dog. Make the dog feel special and have a purpose by teaching a new trick it can show to other people. Just merely spending quality time with the dog even for a few of minutes will make the dog feel secure and loved.

  • More activities and play time
  • Just like human beings, dogs may get bored, too. Dogs need to get out and have some more fun. Daily walks are important not just for the dog’s physical health but also for its well-being. It is not just a form of physical exercise, because it is also good for the dog’s mind. Every time the dog takes a walk outside of the house, it may lead to experiencing something new or getting excited to meet new dogs and people along the way. If there is enough time and resources, take the dog on a road trip, go swimming, play frisbee on the beach, among many other exciting activities. Have a wide variety of toys available, because dogs, too, may get bored with just a single toy and enjoy new things. This does not necessarily mean constantly buying new toys. Put toys onrotation; when the dog seems to get bored with one toy, you can put it away and bring out another.

    The secret to a happy dog is to help it meet its basic needs while also live a fulfilled life, wherein it has nurturing relationships, gets to socialize with others, plays and goes places, and engages in several activities. Thinking about it, the secret recipe to a happy dog is just a bit similar to the secret recipe to a happy person.