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May 19, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and a happy pill to most people. They bring so much laughters and joy to the life of people. However, there are some times that it cannot be avoided, where dogs may exhibit behaviors that make our heads hurt. At times, they do some inappropriate and unwanted behaviors. Some dog owners call these dog behavior problems.

Does your dog seem to be having one, some, or all of these common dog problems

1) Excessive Barking

Barking is one of the many natural and innate forms of communication for dogs. Dogs bark to convey a message, and each barking may mean differently - because of excitement, of anxiety, of hunger or thirst, of impending danger, of marking a territory. Often times, dog owners are pleased when their dogs bark, for it alerts them of an imminent danger or of a basic necessities that the dog currently needs. However, it becomes a problem when barking becomes excessive and inappropriate. It becomes a dog behavior problem when dogs bark for no reason, and that their barking already negatively affects the people and the environment around them.

2) Destructive Chewing

Chewing may be normal for puppies. Just like babies with growing teeth, chewing may be their way of relieving the pain in their incoming teeth. For older and more mature dogs, chewing can also be a way of keeping their teeth clean and their jaws strong. For dogs, chewing may also alleviate boredom, mild anxiety, or frustration. In a nutshell, chewing is a normal behavior  among dogs of all ages. However, chewing becomes destructive when the chewing behavior is directed toward inappropriate objects. The destructive chewing becomes a dog behavior problem when inappropriate objects chewed on are getting destroyed.

3) Biting

Most mouthing is a normal dog behavior, such as when dogs play with so much excitement and energy However, some dogs unfortunately bite out of anger, fear o frustration, and this biting may indicate problems with aggression and may lead to danger and harm. The line between a playful mouthing and an aggressive biting is a blurry one, which is why as soon as you suspect that your dog’s biting is an aggressive one, immediately consult a qualified professional, to prevent further possible negative consequences.

4) Digging

Digging may be a form of exercise and distraction for dogs. For them, digging is a fun activity when the day gets boring and they have nothing else to do. Digging can also spring from a lot of several reasons, such as for hunting prey, for comfort and protection, for escape, or merely for attention. Digging becomes a dog behavior problem when the garden or nature is already destroyed and disrupted.

These are just four (4) common dog behavior problems exhibited by most dogs. Good news is, however, there is hope in correcting your dogs’ behavior problems.