6 New Year’s Resolution for You and Your Dog

A new year can also mean a new beginning, new goals, a fresh start. Goals are not just for people, they are for everyone, even for dogs.

Start the New Year 2017 with a big bang with these six suggested New Year’s Resolution for you and your dog!

  1. Try new activities! Do activities you have never done before, and let your dog experience these new and exciting things with you. Go an adventure! Take a road trip. Visit a zoo. Dine in a pet-friendly restaurant. Take a dip in the beach. Schedule photo shoots to have photos to be cherished for a lifetime. New and exciting things are fun and exciting, and at the same time, are opportunities for you and your dog to spend quality time, cuddle, play, and bond.
  2. Eat a healthier diet. Consult a dietician to know what the right diet is for you and your dog. Measure your and your dog’s food. Ensure that you and your dog are not taking in too much calories than needed. Munch on healthier snacks together.
  3. Exercise more. Ditch couch potato days and nights binge-watching TV series, and go on a walk or run with your dog! No more excuses. Walk with your dog daily. Go out of the house and engage in healthy physical activities. Play sports together; they are not just fun but is also good way to sweat out and lose some pounds.
  4. Stay healthy, clean, and hygienic. Take good care of yourself and of your dog. Brush teeth daily to eliminate some tartar and to prevent dental problems. Schedule dental and medical check-ups.
  5. Attend classes. Accompany your dog in attending obedience classes, training, or refresher classes. A lot of dogs enjoy attending classes with dog owners; they are more challenged to do their very best to show off the new skills and tricks they learned.
  6. Socialize more. Attend get-togethers. Arrange play dates with some dog owners and their lovely dogs. Give yourself and your dog some social time to interact and bond together.

Have a happier, healthier, and more productive 2017 with your dog! These suggested New Year’s resolution will make the new year fun and worthwhile.

OurK9 wishes you and your little one a prosperous New Year 2017!

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