5 Signs That Your Dog Is The Boss of You

  1. You spend just a little on yourself, but with your dog, you can give anything and everything to him. The sky is the limit. You are more than willing to cut out a few wants, even needs, from your own lifestyle, in order to give what is the best for your dog. You always sacrifice your salon and nail spa time, just so your dog will have a mani-pedi session. Your dog is luxuriously dressed, from the designer clothes to the extravagant carrier, while you cannot even anymore new clothes for yourself.
  2. Your daily schedule revolves around your dog, especially during your spare time. When you get free time to spend it with family and friends, you always have to make sure that the gathering is pet-friendly, because you always have to bring your dog with you. Otherwise, you would spend so much time worrying about him being left at home without you, and that would be not very fun.
  3. Your dog is the only one getting a restful sleep. He barks endlessly and without any reason at night and you do not do anything to stop it. At the wee hours of the night, you desperately cling to the edge of your mattress because your dog finds your bed very comfortable, that he always decides to sleep on almost the entire space of your mattress. In the middle of the night, even though you are already feeling extremely uncomfortable, you would not dare move as to not disturb your dog’s sleep.
  4. Your dog gets to have a gourmet meal everyday, while you cannot even treat yourself to a great restaurant or with a yummy meal, because your dog always comes first. Even with your eating schedule, you always have to make sure first that your dog is able to eat, even though your stomach is already rumbling from hunger.
  5. It is your dog that gives you commands, not the other way around. You always give in to what your dog wants, and when it is you who give him commands, he does not obey. When he does not follow your commands, you just simply brush it off and let it pass.

Think again. Maybe it is you who has been trained by your dog. As responsible dog owners, we should know the line between giving what is right for our dog and spoiling him with everything he wants.

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