5 Famous Dogs in Television and Movies

Dogs, in real life and in television and movies, have made us laugh and cry while teaching us some valuable lessons essential in life. Whether they are animated or actual, the dogs that star in our favorite TV shows and films have undeniably made a great impact on us. They have made a name in the industry, that they have become huge personalities as popular as their human costars.

5 Famous Dogs in Television and Movies

Snoopy (Peanuts)

Since 1950, Snoopy has become one of the most iconic dog characters. Snoopys is Charlie Brown’s pet beagle in Peanuts comic strip, movies, and television shows. The original drawings of Snoopy were inspired by its creator Charles Schulz’s childhood dog Spike.

Scooby Doo

Scoobert “Scooby” Doo is the protagonist of the animated TV show of the same name created in 1969. Scooby Doo is a Great Dane and the companion of amateur detective Shaggy Rogers. He features a mix of canine and human behaviors, and is treated by his human friends as more or less as an equal. Scooby Doo usually speaks in a famous speech impediment, where he puts the letter “R” in front of the words. His favorite and most famous line is “Scooby-Dooby-Doo!

Clifford (Clifford the Big Red Dog)

Clifford is a giant red Vizsla-Labrador Retriever cross that stars in the animated TV series Clifford the Big Red Dog. He is a devoted pet to his owner Emily Elizabeth and is optimistic in greeting each new day. Clifford may be gigantic, different from other dogs in terms of size, but he remains to be just like any other dogs. Most days, he is a kid at heart and has lots of fun; sometimes he saves the day; and sometimes he also gets into misadventures and troubles. Most importantly, Clifford is great friend who stands up for what is truly right.

Buddy (Air Bud)

This sporty golden retriever became famous as the protagonist of the Air Bud movie series. In each movie, he played a different sport: basketball, baseball and volleyball, soccer, and football. Before he became a television and film star, Buddy was a stray dog in the Sierra Nevada mountains until he was found by Kevin di Cicco in 1989. He was then adopted and brought home to San Diego by Cicco, where he trained him in different sports. Buddy’s first appearance was on America’s Funniest Home Videos and then gained further popularity on a segment of the Late Show with David Letterman.  He also made a special appearance on the sitcom Full House, before he was casted as Buddy in the famous Disney movie Air Bud.

Marley (Marley & Me)

Marley is a yellow labrador retriever adopted by the Grogans. From a 12-pound little puppy, Marley grows into a 100-pound grown labrador who turns the Grogans home into a complete disaster. Marley is poorly behaved and destructive: fails obedience training school, chews and bites on inappropriate things, overturns garbage cans, drinks toilet water, and so on and so forth. Nothing is safe in Marley’s hand, not even a newly-purchased expensive necklace. But despite the mayhem Marley brings in the Grogans home, he has witnessed every home and job changes, every ups and downs, and all the challenges gone through by the family. Amidst all the chaos and trouble Marley have caused, the Grogans realize that Marley always somehow brings out the best in them.


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