5 Dog Basic Needs

1) Food and Water

Like us human beings, dogs food and water are two most important needs that should always be addressed. Dogs need to eat a healthy diet and drink sufficient amount of water. It is important to do some research and ask an expert first about properly feeding your dog. Also make sure that there is accessible clean water for your dog. In addition, food and water bowls should regularly be cleaned to prevent bacterial contamination and diseases.

2) Exercise

No matter what size your dog is, every dog needs a physical activity as an outlet to expend energy and maintain fitness and good health. Understanding your dog’s need for exercise, which may depend on his breed, size, and age, will greatly help you plan an exercise routine that best suits him. Take him out for a walk or a run in the mark, or better yet, make exercise more fun by taking him to the beach to play frisbee!

3) Companionship and Socialization

Dogs are social creatures, and thus need companionship and socialization to be well-adjusted with its environment. Dogs that are isolated from other dogs and people have the tendency to develop some inappropriate and aggressive behaviors. It is not healthy for dogs to spend so much time alone.

4) Comfort and Security

Dogs also need a sense of comfort and security, with their physical space and from you. They need a safe physical and psychological environment. Dogs need a space of their own, an area where they consider it their sanctuary or safe haven. Dog housescrates, cages, play pens, or even as simple as his own corner in your house, can be his personal space for comfort and security. Additionally, you should also look out for your dog and protect him from dangerous elements: foolish people, aggressive dogs, extreme weather conditions, predators, intruders, stress, hazards, and so forth.

5) Proper Grooming

Grooming is also a basic essential for dogs, as this may greatly affect the health of dogs. Regularly trim your dog’s nail, brush his teeth, give him a bath, and also bring him to the veterinarian or pet clinic for some proper dental hygiene and ear cleaning.

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